Kick Start Team Training

Master Strategies of Super Achievers

Sponsoring New Independent Consultants

Setting a positive example is the best way to encourage others!

This is a do as I do business not a do as I say business.  It is of the upmost importance to make sure 

that the way you build your business and the methods you follow are worth duplicating.  

Because duplication is everything!

Build your business with integrity, honesty and help as many people get 'what they want' and you will have 

everything you want.  Enjoy the journey and have as much fun as possible.

To be an exceptional sponsor you will need to: 

Lead by example

Connect and Communicate 

Be Positive and Uplifting 

Know our system and be able to direct you team to self source information

Recognise, Reward and Inspire


Determine Business Plan

Recommended Tools for Success

Kick Start Introduction


Learn their Goals and Why


Complete first 3 Presentations




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