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The key to qualifying (or in other words) ‘getting to know someone’ is all about asking open ended questions.  

Open ended questions are questions that do not require a yes or no answer.  They require a response with more depth and length and are designed to encourage a full, meaningful answer using the person responding’s own 

knowledge and/or feelings.

Open-ended questions typically begin with words such as “Why” and “How”, or phrases such as “Tell me about…” 

or “What do you think…”.

The key when getting to know someone is to be genuinely interested in their life irrespective of whether Arbonne could be a fit for them or not. By being genuinely interested in them and their life you are going to be someone who others want to be around. You can also consider giving genuine compliments and leaving the person feeling great about themselves and what they have been doing after spending time with you.

When building rapport with someone it is critical is to ask the question and let the person give you their answer - no leading, no prompting, no interrupting.   Ask the question/s and then LISTEN to them (please don’t just ask the question and then wait for your turn to talk)! And please please please do not be weird and ask these questions like a robot.  Ask them naturally and integrate them into the conversation!  With practice, this will become second nature to you and you will end up doing it with ease and grace!

Check out the quick video below which has a few extra tips and enjoy the process!



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