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Prospecting in your Arbonne business could be better described as the process of sifting and sorting.

Because in Arbonne we network with all kinds of people, some we know well, some we don’t at all and then everyone in between, we have to spend a certain amount of time sifting and sorting people into different categories!

We have people in our network that the business opportunity is a perfect fit for, we have others that it is not.  We have people in our network that need our products and our service and then we have people who don’t.  

By prospecting people we can start helping them by either removing them from our business lists or by placing them within the right area of what Arbonne has to offer.  By prospecting we get to know people better, we uncover their needs and then we get to build teams with people or sell product to those who really want it.

Prospecting and the way we do it can be typically split into two categories

Category A - We already know the person so we don’t need to ask background questions.  We simple ask if they are ‘open’ to taking a look at our business opportunity or our product or both.  We wait for their answer and we are not attached to the outcome.  We are simply just sifting and sorting.  Remember, we are looking for the people who are looking for us.

Category B - We don’t know the person at all.  In this instance we need to get to know the prospect first to see if we would like them to be a part of our team or if our product is the right solution to their need.  We build a base relationship and then ask to see if they are open to taking a look at our business opportunity or our products.  


Finding people to prospect


All Arbonne consultants feel a different level of comfort depending on who they are prospecting.   Some feel more comfortable talking to the people they know. Some feel more comfortable talking to those they have just met and don't know at all.  In order to be a professional network marketer and grow a successful team you can start where you feel comfortable but you must then progress to the other areas in your network.


100 People List


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