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Mystery Hostess

The purpose of a Mystery Hostess group presentation or party is to invite people individually to attend an event and get the chance to win some free products.

An example of this would be to run a Mystery Hostess Healthy Living Group Presentation once a month and invite people you meet from skincare and makeup group presentations who aren't interested in hosting themselves.

This kind of presentation is designed for people who don't want to hold group presentations themselves but are interested to see and try products in a group setting.  It's fun, they can win prizes, bring a friend BUT have none of the pressure to clean their house or entertain.

Once a guest has attended the Mystery Hostess presentation the best outcome would be for them to then book a party of their own because they have fallen in love with the brand, the products and YOU!

Invite people from lead boxes entries, display stand events, private consultations, friends and family.                                        Your invite list can be limitless.

Hold the presentation at your house or in a public space.  A quiet corner of your local cafe could work perfectly!  



Invite Template 

(print on A6 postcard size via vistaprint)

Splitting the host gifts


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