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Group Presentations - Makeup

Group Presentations are designed to introduce people to Arbonne's amazing products and explain the benefits of using pure, safe and beneficial ingredients.  On average 1 in 10 people will be interested in looking at the business and the other 9 (who will never do the business) will be excited and informed about our products and become either a consumer of the product or a carrier.  A carrier is someone who will recommend you or your products to the people they know.   

In each presentation you want to share both the products and the opportunity, as you never know if your guests will be interested in becoming a Consultant a Consumer or a Carrier.  Your ultimate aim is to sort each guest into one of those categories. 


Eight Steps for Your Success


The Preparation


What to bring and how to pack


How to set up the table


How to set up your checkout


The Presentation








For the table 

For the 1 : 1 close


How to set up your Makeup Kit


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