Kick Start Team Training

Master Strategies of Super Achievers

Building Teams

Everything you need to know to be successful in building a big and successful team is right here for you and the best bit is: everything is learnable.  There are 5 basic steps to building your team:

1. Find people to talk to about the business

2. Talk to the people you find

3. Follow up with them and get a decision

4. Sponsor them into the business

5. Duplicate - teach them how to do what you do

There are a variety of ways to meet people to talk to, find them under building your business. You can choose to focus on just one of those or a combination of a few.  As long as you are consistently meeting new people, building relationships and inviting them to learn more about our incredible business opportunity you will  grow a large and sustainable business.


Why build teams

Building blocks for success


Daily habits of successful sponsors


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