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Building a relationship with your host before their booking date is critically important in making sure that their event goes ahead and is as successful as possible for both you and them.  

Your host most likely already loves the products and would like to get the very best product deals.  She/he wants to promote you and your business to their network BUT sometimes can get stuck in the organising and inviting process.  

When a host starts feeling stuck or that the process of organising the event is too hard guess what happens?  

They postpone or worse - They Cancel!  

What YOU need to know is, the 5 Simple Steps in Helping your Hostess.

It’s so simple that anyone can do it!  It doesn’t take much time but it does take discipline and it does take a little planning.  

The benefits that both you and your hostess will receive by you being a true professional in this area are outstanding!  

The 5 Simple Steps are:

1. Party Pack 

When you first meet your hostess and book her in, spend a few minutes going through it together 

2. Post a Letter/Card

Its simple to send a letter or card of confirmation in the mail and thank your hostess for supporting your business

3. Phone Call 1

The day after your host receives her confirmation card in the mail, call to help her prepare for the upcoming booking

4. Phone Call 2

Five days before the booking, call to go through the hostess tips form 

5. Party Arrival

Arrive 30 minutes early to set up and chat with your host 

Our Document Guide explains each step in detail 




Host Pack Contents:

Host planner brochure - Make sure your business card is attached

Host tips form

Host Wishlist 

Outside order forms

Preferred Client Benefits at a glance 

Hostess Rewards Flyer

Hostess Packs Flyer

Invites below have been designed to print on A6 postcards (Vista print) or you can send invite instructions for using RedStamp to send invites electronically 

Electronic Invite Instructions

Invite 1 

Invite 2

Invite 3

Is Arbonne for you flyer


Price List - (Get the current one from the source)

Eye on Arbonne - (Choose one or two from 

Product Samples 

Other Tools: 

System Training:


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