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Giving or donating product/s, a service or a gift hamper to a fundraising event, market stall or something similar is a great way to generate additional business activity, create leads and ultimately build your clients and team.

You are encouraged to donate or gift to many different causes or events (you can find some in your local area and surrounds by searching on social media pages, local papers and asking your friends). 

We would always encourage you to donate a service rather than just a product/s as there is often no way of following up with the person who received the gift / donation / hamper once it has been issued to them. However, if you donate or gift a service then the person who receives this gift will call you to claim it!

An idea you may want to consider is to put a small gift hamper together with some samples, some full size products and a voucher for your service (facial or make up consultation) so the person who receives the donation can first experiences the products in the hamper and gets your service as well - two separate touch points for them.

Check out the quick video below which has a few extra tips for donations and have fun with this business strategy!




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