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Demo Bags

A “Demo Bag” is a bag of full size products you give to a prospective client to trial for 3 days. Also known as gold bags or business bags in Arbonne. With our 2 + 2 + 2 system for success we recommend you have 2 Demo Bags out each week "working for you" to help you build your business. They are a fantastic way for the client to try our products in the comfort of their own home, before they buy, and for you to leverage your time! 

You'll find everything you need here, including who you should give them to, what to put in your bags, and how you can grow your business further by asking for testimonials, activity bookings, referrals and sponsoring. There is a lot of opportunity in just one bag!



Training Tools


What to Include in your Demo Bags

- Bookings / VIP laminated flyer 

- How to use and what to expect instructions (see below left) 

- Thank you card (Made on A6 Vista Print Postcard)

- Business Card

- Catalogue (Optional)

- Eye on Arbonne Flyer (Printed from

- Is Arbonne for you flyer

Closing Documents

- Testimonial questionnaire

- Referral Form 

- 3 Ways to Save flyer - Laminated 

- Skincare Sales Pack Documents - Laminated

- Makeup Sales Pack Documents - Laminated

- Nutrition Sales Pack Document - Laminated

- Party Menu - Laminated

- Host Coaching Pack

- Business Curiosity Pack  

- Discover Arbonne Event Invitation

Example Bags


RE9 Demo Bag

FC5 Demo Bag

Calm Demo Bag

Acne Demo Bag

Makeup Demo Bag

Rescue & Renew Demo Bag

Mens Demo Bag

Nutrition Demo Bag

PhytoSport Demo Bag


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