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The expression, "He could sell ice to an Eskimo," acknowledges that certain people are born salespeople.

For most of us however, the selling process is anything but easy.  In fact, when it comes to pitching our product, our service and our business opportunity many of us struggle with any number of issues.  The main ones include;

Not wanting to come across as pushy

Lack of confidence 

Fear of failure &

Judgement from our peers    

The good news is: Experts say these fears can be overcome with the proper attitude, training and practice.  

In Sarah Laws training video below she points out that 'selling' is based  around two things.  

Your client  and  Offering a solution to their needs.  

To do this you will have to learn how to connect and uncover their needs.  Ask the correct questions and gather information by listening well.   Then with the information you have learnt, you can offer the solution to what best fits their needs.

Selling and purchasing should be enjoyable and satisfying for both you and your client.  Try to think about the last time you bought something and received impeccable service.  Did the sales person uncover your needs and 

then find you the perfect solution?   



Audio Version 

23 April 2017 4:04:52 am


In order to offer our clients a solution to their needs we first need to determine which solution suits them best.  

Is the solution a product? The host rewards? Or is the solution our business income opportunity?  Please don't fall into the trap of prejudging what you think the clients needs are, a lot of the time they won't tell you unless you ask the correct questions.  Ask, ask, ask and listen.  With product you can certainly make recommendations but when it comes to host rewards and the business opportunity you will always need to ask! 

Build the personal one on one question/answer time into the end of your presentation with every client and you've done your job well.


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