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Booking Appointments and being in control of your diary is the one aspect of your business that you have FULL control over.  It can be nerve wrecking at first as you start to make phone calls or send text messages but the more you make it a habit the easier it will become.

Push yourself forward 5 seconds at a time.  It takes courage to build confidence and skill. 

There are many booking strategies and scripts, just pick one or two that you feel most comfortable with and do it on a consistent basis.  Remember that having a balanced business means a balanced amount of bookings to share the product and bookings to share the business.  

You will hear many times over that "activity" fixes everything in your business and all activity starts with picking up the phone and booking it in.  If you are fearful in this area please reach out to your sponsor or RVP to get some assistance.

Set your goals, work out how much activity it will take to get there and then Book, Book, Book!


Getting a booking
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Deal or no deal - see video below

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How to play Deal or No Deal

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