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30 Days to Healthy Living

Your Consultant Commitment To Lead People Through the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program:

                  1.   I have completed the program and have read all the posts (or I am currently in the program).
                  2.   I will only add clients to the program who are "all in" and have purchased the complete Nutrition Set (ASVP).
                  3.   I will coach my clients according to the steps listed below on the tracker.
                  4.   I will actively participate in the Facebook group, help answer questions and be encouraging to others.

Here is the information you need to be able to successfully coach a client through this program ...

Detailed flow chart of the process to follow when offering this program to people (through AAC 100 text challenge)

Intro video link to send to prospective clients

Intro Email to someone who just signed up and placed their order for their Nutrition ASVP.

Your consultant Tracking Graph for participants and Detailed Tracking Guide for coaching your clients 

Congratulations Post Card (send with RE9 Sample)

Information / dates about subsequent groups. 


Watch this video to learn how to coach your clients and potentially build consultants


Healthy Living Challenge Flyer


This flyer can be printed from Vista print on A5.  Take it with you to Arbonne presentations you are holding.  Do some letter box drops around your area or drop them off at your local gym.  The usability is endless.


If you do, consultants who are not in your team will be able to download these and use them.

Instead post a generic message or your story to inspire people to want to know more.  You can then personally 

message them the flyer.        


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